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Frequently Asked Questions

Rawsome is simply fruit&nut bars. For those of us who need a little snacking support between our three square meals a day, Rawsome offers a powerful pick-me-up without the sugar rush – and crash.
Sugar in Rawsome come from fruits and nuts. We do not add any kind of additional sugar nor glucose, refined sugar or sweetener.
Rawsome is healthy! All natural. Contains all nutrition that you need from a snack. Enough to keep you full and convenient.
Of course. Rawsome is free from everything. No soy, palm, GMO or any artificial ingredients
They are all natural. No artificial flavorings, coloring or preservatives. Ingredients that you can actually read and understand.
Just fruits and nuts, thats it. All Rawsome bars are strictly vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and raw. GI values for Rawsome bars are considerably minimized compared with commercial snacks, which makes it suitable for diabetic diets.
No gluten, No added sugar, No dairy products, No animal products, No GMO, No Soy products
Taste is everything to us. With minimum process, we prepare everything raw. That's why, Rawsome is tasty.

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